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Hair Care Routine – Washing Hair Everyday Or Once a Week

Hair Care Routine – How Many Times Should You Wash You Hair? How Frequently – Everyday or Once A Week

How Many Times Should I Shampoo My Hair In A Weeks Time? Well this is the most complicated yet the most effective answer to manage your hair in the best possible way and turn your already beautiful hair into more beautiful and strong. I am a person who have experienced different kinds of textures and quality in my individual hair type over several years with little changes in my regular hair care routine from time to time. Today I am going to share this more than a decade long experience with you all focusing on hair shampooing frequency in particular to maintain that shine and strength of your beautiful hair.


How Frequently & How Often Should I Wash My Hair

Hair Care Routine


How Many Times Should You Wash/ Shampoo Your Hair?

How often should I wash my hair, Is frequently washing of hair good or bad? Many such questions are asked me almost every other day. Hair is something very unique and personnel. Everybody has different hair types and so is their hair texture, quality, strength volume and so different are the hair caring methods of each one of those. People with dry thin hair with the problem of hair fall should avoid shampooing very frequently since this might end up loosing more hair strands if done too quick. Similar thing applies to those with dull damaged dry hair types to avoid aggravating their hair fall problem.

There are certain things like proper washing, cleansing, oiling and maintaining a proper hygiene of hair with at least one 2 hour session in your favourite hair salon. I am not talking about undergoing expensive hair spa session here but just getting the necessary treatment for your problematic hair like getting your split ends removed frequently, deep oiling and conditioning of your hair if you have extra dryness in your hair and getting your hair regularly trimmed as a part of healthy hair care routine, which is very important to result in healthy beautiful hair.


How Frequently & How Often Should I Wash My Hair

Hair Care Routine


Proper Cleansing & Hair Wash Routine


Now lets focus on proper cleansing and washing of your hair. Proper washing also includes the number of times you should wash your hair, i.e. how many times a week should you wash your hair and how often you should do this. Not only washing, people do ask about oiling. How often should you oil your hair? This question is again important, but I would be discussing about this in some other post and focus on cleansing of hair at regular intervals here.


How Frequently & How Often Should I Wash My Hair

Hair Care Routine


Washing of hair too much or every other day is not good at all. I do keep reading that too much shampooing of hair actually results in dry damaged hair in long term, specially if the shampoo used is full with strong harmful chemicals. That’s why I always recommend my readers to stick to gentle herbal ayurvedic shampoo’s in long run. Herbal shampoo contains natural herbs and less chemicals and thus the damage is less. You can also try natural methods of washing hair by using natural herbs like amla, ritha, shikakai, but since most of the people find it a big mess including me too, so that’s a personnel choice.
This question “How often should I wash my hair”, is again dependent on person to person, their choice, their hair type and their sebaceous glands activity. However, there are few things which you need to consider while deciding the number of times you wash your hair in a week.

Hair Care Routine & Hair Wash Frequency Depends On Your Hair Type

Number of times, you should wash your hair in a week is dependent primarily on your hair type. People with oily skin, hair and overactive Sebaceous glands need to wash their hair more frequently since their hair scalp is very oily and needs to be washed more often. It’s recommended to wash hair once in 3 days or 3 times in a week if very oily in summers.

I have seen cases where people with oily hair often tend to wash hair every other day. Their problem is that there is so much oil build up in the scalp that they have no option except shampooing of hair every day. However I don’t think this would do any good to hair in long term. In case of extreme oily hair, you can substitute shampoo with dry talcum powder, since sprinkling of talcum powder over your hair, would reduce oiliness to a great extent. This is just an alternative for those few rare days and not recommended frequently. I would soon be coming up with a homemade DIY dry shampoo for oily hair types to keep that oiliness at bay.

Next comes the NORMAL HAIR. People with normal hair are very lucky since they don’t have the problem of oily scalp nor they suffer with the problem of dry hair. They are also lucky enough to have fewer hair problems and easily manage to maintain their hair just by simple regular hair routine of cleansing and oiling hair 2 times a week and this number is pretty sufficient for normal hair types in every way.

Now finally comes the DRY HAIR. Dry hair are often problematic, because they are difficult to manage, tend to break easily and appear very dry, rough, dull and brittle. Though proper conditioning is recommended for all hair types but in case of dry hair, conditioning is a must. Using a nice creamy conditioner after shampoo is a must for people with dry hair along with oiling hair at least twice a week along with deep conditioning. Leave in conditioner works best for dry hair types. Check out his Homemade DIY Leave In Conditioner For Dry Damaged Hair.

Frequent washing of dry hair is a strict no. Dry hair becomes drier after every wash, so people with dry hair should wash their hair only once a week if possible and follow complete conditioning routine to avoid further drying of hair resulting into more damaged hair in long run.


How Frequently & How Often Should I Wash My Hair

Hair Care Routine For Beautiful Hair

These were some of the basic tips to help you decide how many times you should wash your hair considering different things like your hair type, scalp condition, texture, quality, volume of your hair and your need because everyone hair different hair type and so is the best customized hair care routing for each of them

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