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Homemade Leave In Conditioner for Dry Damaged Hair – DIY

Homemade Leave In Conditioner for Dry  Damaged Hair – DIY

Homemade Leave In Conditioner For Dry Damaged Hair

                                                      DIY Hair Conditioner

This post is about a hair product which is a must for all & winters makes it even more important since hair is at its worst in winters – dull, dry, tangled, rough and most importantly difficult to manage. So thought why not come up with my 1 st homemade hair product for all of you to help you out this winters. So let’s start.

I am talking about a Natural Organic Leave In Hair Conditioner, but this time its going to be all homemade unlike the commercial one which I use to buy few years ago but then realized the importance of own homemade one which is all pure, natural and organic . The best part is that one can customize it as per your own hair type for a perfect leave in hair conditioner for your hair type.

So here it is:

Products Required to make a Homemade Leave In Conditioner

Any good brand conditioner like Tresemme or any other which is not too heavy and preferably one meant for dry hair. Something like this.

Homemade Leave In Conditioner For Dry Damaged Hair

2  Unfragranced oil or one with just gentle fragrance, since you are going to leave this conditioner in your hair. You can any among Almond/ Coconut/ Olive considering your hair type. Like Almond works best on extra dry hair and Coconut Oil is a good option for all hair types.
Homemade Leave In Conditioner For Dry Damaged Hair

3  Any essential oil of your choice, which is also optional. Although the fragrance of this conditioner would be still there but if you want to add any essential oils for its amazing properties along with the soothing fragrance, always go ahead and try your mix. You can use peppermint which is good for dandruff, sinus and gives a relaxed mind. Rosemary is a good option to go for of looking for hair growth and want to reduce hair fall. Other than this Tea Tree, Lavender, Vanilla are also good options depending on their individual properties.
Homemade Leave In Conditioner For Dry Damaged Hair

Along with this you require,

Bowl to Mix
Any bottle to store.


Once you have got all the products you can start with the process of making this amazing customized hair conditioner. Take about 2 full tbsp spoon of your conditioner, 1 tbsp of oil of your choice, 2-3 drops of essential oil & start mixing them in a bowl. Keep mixing till you get a smooth paste and consistency.

Now take about 2 parts of water in a bowl & mix it with the above paste.  Adjust the quantity of water as per your requirement, since I don’t like too runny conditioner, so I kept it to 2. You can take more if you like the mixture to be bit more thin and light. Keep stirring till you get a smooth paste. This will take few seconds and finally your own homemade leave in conditioner for dull dry damaged hair would be ready in few minutes. Take a look at this natural hair cream below
Homemade Leave In Conditioner For Dry Damaged Hair
Now pour the conditioner into any empty bottle.

So your own homemade leave in conditioner which is natural and inexpensive is ready to provide you with deep conditioning & also to keep your hair smooth & soft specially in winters. I know we have used a branded conditioner in this but other oils and ingredients make it quite light, natural and safe because of their amazing properties. Do try & tell me how it comes out. Take care


  1. Wigs

    Awesome tip. Thank you for sharing your diy. I can’t wait to try this. I will definitely put coconut oil to help my hair grow faster.

  2. md

    this is very good article, really like this article. keep continue this type article writing

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