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Yogi Kanthika Ayurvedic Medicine For Cough & Throat Relief

Yogi Kanthika Ayurvedic Tablet Benefits For Cough, Throat & Respiratory Disorders

Sore Throat is very common in winters, but for some it’s a chronic problem which comes on and off as per seasonal changes. Sore Throat doesn’t come alone, but normally brings several others problems like mucus, cold, cough, sinus in extreme.cases and ultimately to throat infection leading to other different sorts of respiratory disorders.
Yogi Kanthika Ayurvedic Herbal Medicine For Sore Throat & Cough


For getting rid of these recurrent throat infection,s it’s not healthy to opt for allopathic strong mediation, which actually harms your entire health overall in in long run. So to get rid of any such throat problems like cough, I have got for a simple ayurvedic solution – Yogi Kanthika Ayurvedic Pills – one solution for all your throat problems.


Yogi Kanthika Ayurvedic Pills Benefits, Ingredients, Claims, Price & Details


Yogi Kanthika is a Suck-able, sugar-free, ayurvedic, no prescription required ,sore throat relief medicine with multiple benefits, which helps in providing relief to all throat related problems. Yogi Kanthika can be used in the following conditions:

Difficulty in swallowing
Hoarseness of voice
Throat irritation
Throat pain
Bad breath due to unproductive cough
Acute Pharyngitis – Dry sore throat, hoarseness of voice
Acute Tonsillitis – Dry sore throat, hoarseness of voice and difficulty in swallowing
Common Cold & Coryza – For sore throat
Upper Respiratory Tract Infection – Dry sore throat, Hoarseness of voice
Acute Laryngitis – Stridor & cough, dry sore throat, Hoarseness of voice
Acute Epiglottitis – Stridor & cough
Influenza – Unproductive cough, throat pain, throat Irritation.
100% Sugar Free, Safe for Diabetics
Relieves your throat from all illness with no side effects.

Sucking of each pill leaves a soothing and pain-free effect on the throat.




Yogi Kanthika Ayurvedic Pills Ingredients, Packaging & Price

PRICE – Rs 65/- for 140 pills.

Consumption: It can be consumed any time of the day in addition to any other medicines. You can feel the effect on your throat in 1-2 days. Dosage:


For Age group 5 to 12 years: 1-2 pills to be sucked 5-6 times a day For Age group more than 12 years: 2-3 pills to be sucked 5-6 times a day

For Pregnant women: Not advisable during first 3 month of pregnancy. You can consume it after your first trimester (only after consulting the gynaecologist).

Yogi Kanthika Ayurvedic Pills For Throat Relief Review


I got to know abt this Kanthika Ayurvedic Pills when I was having extreme cough which was not going even after trying different allopathic medicines for several days and it was then when a chemist recommended this herbal throat medicine to me. After reading the ingredient list and its claims, I had to give this a try.


These Kanthika Ayurvedic Pills are very tiny black slightly rough textured balls which are very small in size. One needs to take 3-4 of these and keep sucking it. Immediately when u take these pills, there is a very bitter feeling inside because it tastes really bad. But you can keep inside at one place instead of continuously sucking it to reduce the feel of bitterness.


Yogi Kanthika Pills For Sore Throat & Cough


Now coming to the result of these ayurvedic pills in cough, cold and other respiratory issues. After few minutes of taking these tablets there is slight cooling sensation inside the mouth like in Vick’s tablets and mint capsules. This actually releases the stuck mucus inside to some extent on taking these pills regularly for few days.

Now coming to its effect on cough. I noticed that whenever I took these pills, immediately there was decrease in cough, specially when these pills were inside my mouth, there wasn’t any cough and even after it finished I could feel the relief. But after few hours again cough was back to normal but with decreased intensity.


Ayurvedic Herbal Tablet For Sore Throat & Cough


After taking this Kanthika Ayurvedic Medicine, regularly for about a week on and off, I can say these are great ayurvedic herbal pills in form of natural medicine for throat problems like cough, mucus, sinus, voice hoarseness etc. Though its surely not a miracle but works on most throat issues by clearing the clogged impurities inside for a clear refresh feel.

If you suffer from cough or any other throat disorder, you might give these ayurvedic pills a try since these are all herbal, affordable, easily available at most of the chemist shops in India and very easy to carry and use, because of very travel friendly packaging.


DISCLAIMER : Any product reviewed or mentioned on the site is based on personnel experience and not sponsored in anyway unless stated. Though most of the products are herbal and safe, it’s always advised to consult your personnel doctor, to be on the safer side.

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